Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two Harbors Scenic Route

Distance = 39.41 miles
Time = 3.09.36
Max speed = 28 mph
Average speed = 12.5

A weekend in Two Harbors! A ramshackle little cabin right on Lake Superior. Though the inside of the cabin was actually quite clean and well-kept... it was the outside that looked like it was going to collapse. lol I think I'm ready for 40 miles. That seems like so much compared to what I've done the past year with my back and calf being such pains... literally! So off I go around 11am with the intention of making it the entirety of the scenic route into Two Harbors. I did! But I wasn't going to make 40 miles with just that so I went through Two Harbors. And then beyond. Until I got to a hill that I was going to go down... knowing I would then have to come back up in no time. So I stopped for a break and then turned around. There was a car show going on in Two Harbors so I saw a lot of old cars going by while I took my break. Going back seemed much more difficult. Once I got back to the scenic route, there was a pretty major headwind that knocked out a little of my energy. So I just chugged along. I have always known I would finish what I started. But the last five miles or so were actually quite painful. I ran out of Accelerade around that time and was getting low on water. Though there are restaurants along the route where I could have refilled if it had been a major problem. As I rounded the corner and saw the sign to our cabins, I realized I was not going to make 40 miles and considered riding past just to make that happen. Then I decided that my legs were toast and my ego is well-intact. So I stopped. My legs were a little rubbery but I eventually recovered and we headed out for a wonderful, though very slow and late, dinner out. Success!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Northfield to Farmington

Distance = 31.11
Time = 2.23.38
Max Speed = 25.0
Average Speed = 13.0

Funny thing happened on this ride! The ride itself was great. Though I made the mistake of started out around the height of the heat of the day. Maybe 11am or so and was out until just after 1pm. This may be a little too much information but I was also PMSing, which generally means I feel a little weaker than I usually would. So... heat and weak. Not a great combo. But it still felt like a great ride... for the first half. Also remember that I am just now building up my mileage so I am not "fit" just yet. But I'm doing okay there. Nearing the half way point, I start getting this gurgling in my stomach and I can't believe I'm going to get sick. Then it goes away. At the halfway point near an Apple Orchard, I find a very large tree to sit under so that I can get some shade before heading back. And then it hits me! I really am going to be sick! So I hid my bike and found a place near the woods where I didn't think I could be seen well. SO fun! I was there for a little longer then decided I needed to get going to see how I was feeling. Apparently that did the trick because I felt fine afterwards. lol I stopped at Dairy Queen to refill my water and throw some cold water on my head and neck. Then off I went to get home. It wasn't my worst ride ever but I'd say it's down there! (=