Saturday, January 30, 1993

Matthews - Winters Park

I've been unpacking boxes of papers, books, and other miscellany from my previous lives. I ran across a notebook that had what I assume is the beginning of my bicycling journals. It's quite funny. I'm thinking this online thing is a relatively permanent document and I would like to keep my entries for posterity.

Anyway, here is the first...

Distance = 6 miles
Time = Approximately 1.30.00

Kahn (he was my boyfriend way back when) and I rode through mud, slush, and ice. Going up was very messy and seemingly endless. Going down the other side through Red Rocks was much nicer and we could lay off the brakes. We had decided (Kahn's idea) to do the whole trail then ride back up to the van on the road to clean the tires. It was very long. I got mad and Kahn rode most of the way alone. I walked my bike. It was horrible. The trail was great though. I think it's the best time Kahn and I have had riding a trail. In my opinion, a big reason for that is that I can handle my bike better and don't get frustrated. Anyway, that was the first ride of the year and the season. I rode a bit over 6 miles, Kahn rode more since he didn't walk up the road. I think it took about an hour and a half. Ugh. We have some training to do.

I have to comment on how funny this is to me now! This was 14 years ago and I remember that day very clearly. I was so pissed that he wanted to ride the road up that hill. That might have had something to do with my long-felt distain for road biking! Though I have to remember it was a mountain bike!