Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jesse James Bicycle Tour

Distance - 48.75 miles
Time - 3.35.47
Max speed - 39.0 (Sogn Valley Road. Whoa!)
Avg speed - 12.5

It was a cold morning so I had a really difficult time knowing what to wear. Lorrie woke up early with me and rode to the Middle School in Northfield with me. So it wasn't like I could take a bunch of stuff and then choose. Though I did request that Lorrie carry a backpack with a little extra stuff. Spent some time in the school waiting for Daryl and Jeanne as well as getting my photo take with the Jesse James Gang (cutout).

Once we got everything ready and were on the road, I was very happy with my choice to keep my long sleeves on and my knee warmers. It was COLD! I was a little nervous about riding with Daryl and Jeanne as they ride much more frequently than I do, longer distances, and usually together. But we all stayed together pretty well. They were doing the 100 mile while I was doing the 40-mile, which turned into 45-mile somewhere on a later form and then at the start was billed as a 50-mile. That made me a little nervous too! lol

The best moment was flying down into Sogn Valley at 39 mph. Sorry Mom! lol I was ready to do the uphill part of that road as well and was really psyching myself up for it. But then we turned right at the base of the climb. I had simultaneous feelings of relief and disappointment. I was ready for that damn hill! Couple rest stops along the way and eventually I turned back toward Northfield while D & J headed further out to do the other half of their ride. That moment was relief with no disappointment!

Lorrie and Emma Blue were waiting for me at the Middle School when I got back. This was the longest ride I've done this season. But it's a logical next step with the build up I've been doing. The weather seems to be getting colder so I'm not sure how much more I'll be out. We'll see!

I'm glad I finally did this ride! It's funny that I haven't done this ride in my backyard in the 3 previous years that I've lived here. I can't remember why! Probably something to do with my back. Arrgh! My only complaint is the limited rest stops... especially the length to the first bathroom stop. There are a TON of sponsors for this ride. Where is all that money going?? Otherwise it seemed like a well put-together event. Maybe next year I'll be able to do the 100-mile.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Cannon Valley Trail from Red Wing

Red Wing to Cannon Falls to Red Wing

Distance = 39.12
Time = 2.52.45
Max speed = 21.0 mph
Average speed = 13.6 mph

Suffice to say... popular trail on Labor Day. lol In other words, if you want to go at all fast, don't do Cannon Valley Trail on Labor Day! It was a good ride but there were SO many people and I never knew how common it was for children to ride in a zigzag pattern!

STILL SO CLOSE to 40 miles but not quite. I was supposed to meet Lorrie at Caribou in Red Wing, which would have given me 40. But she was nice and met me at the trailhead. Arrgh! lol Guess I'll have to count on the Defeat of Jessie James Days ride for my 40 miles!