Sunday, July 11, 1993


Kahn got his new tires and wanted to try them on a climb. So, being at a ski resort we tried to ride up the slope on a maintenance road. HA! It was too difficult. So, we went down and rode along the river on a very easy trail. Kahn played in the river some and we took some side trails but nothing too taxing. Later in the evening we rode to the town park to play tennis.

This was the first time either of us had been to Telluride and we fell in love with the place. I really wanted to just stay there. We bought a bottle of Telluride wine to drink when we actually move there!

I wonder what happened to that bottle of wine! lol I can't remember. Knowing me, I carted it around to graduate school and then drank it, smashed it, or flushed it down the toilet when we broke up! lol I would definitely enjoy another visit to Telluride! What a place! The music festival would be a great time to do that. (=

Sunday, July 04, 1993

Winter Park

Went up Little Vasquez a short ways to the Blue Sky Trail. Kahn had seen it earlier when we had jogged. He liked the bridge. It was a little steep at first then flattened out. Very pretty. Kahn went down a little side trail to cross the Vasquez Ford. The water was quite deep and going fast. He made it across and talked to some campers then came back. We went back and met up with the Tunnel Hill Trail which was very steep. That we followed for awhile exploring some side trails but always going back to Tunnel Hill. That ran into Little Vasquez which Kahn thought went right to our condo. So barreled down the trail averaging about 20 mph. Kahn then took a small detour up to behind our condo. Then down through the wooded area and down to our driveway.

The next day...

We got up early and did the exact ride minus the ford. Kahn thinks he got up to 30 mph while I know I got up to 24 mph.

This was the trip of one of my most embarrassing moments! When we got back from one of our rides, no one was around. So we jumped into the hot tub and started removing clothing. Why we had suits on in the first place I have no idea. Well... my bottoms got sucked into the filter and we couldn't get them out. Around that time his parents showed up! lol So we had to call maintanence to come get them out. I can't remember what we said, but I remember we tried to convince them of an innocent reason for me being bottomless! lol I'm quite sure they didn't buy it. And I did get my bottoms back in good shape!