Friday, April 23, 1993

Bergen Park IV

Distance - 5.56
Time - 0.51.33

I went up to Evergreen to go to Alderfer/Three Sisters. But, when I finally found it, it was too wide open for as windy as it was out. VERY WINDY! So, I went back to familiar territory in Bergen Park. It was windy there too but as usual once I got back into the mountains it was blocked. I went the same direction as last time but took the long way around up Sleepy "S" instead of cutting across Elk Ridge. Going down I again made it around the "killer switchback" but decided I needed to try going up it. So I had to do it 5 times before I made it. BUT I DID MAKE IT! That made me extremely happy. Hopefully if I ever go that direction again I can remember how I did it. Basically, I was just going too slow and when I tried it faster I made it. No finesse. It ended up being 5.56 miles and I did it in 51 minutes and 33 seconds. Total miles are 52.

I did that friggin switchback SO many times before I finally got it. It was so frustrating! I just kept walking my bike up again so I could try it over. I was generally the type of person to take what I thought was the correct line rather than to just power through things. On this one, I learned that finesse just doesn't always cut it. I always loved this trail! Even when I moved back to Denver with Kammy I would go back to Bergen over and over. I can still smells the scents and hear the sounds! (= Ahh the good ol' days!

Sunday, April 18, 1993

Bergen Park III

Distance - 4.35
Time - 0.46.42

Very short 4.35 mile ride. I went in the opposite direction than we usually go and it was good. I didn't take the Lazy S trail all the way around but went up Elkridge to Meadow View then around. I liked doing that long straightaway first instead of at the end when my legs are rubber. It was a good warm up. There was some snow and mud so I got dirty. It was great going fast at the very end. It only tookd 46 minutes 42 seconds. My total mileage is at 46 miles.

Amazing that I would drive that far (about 45 minutes) for a 4 mile ride! lol Tells you how much I really enjoyed it even though I couldn't go very far. Truth is, I knew, ever then, that I could go farther on some of these days. But I would get nervous being alone in the woods. I wasn't used to that yet. Knowing how I felt, I'm proud of my 20s self for pushing myself to get out there! (=

Saturday, April 17, 1993

Waterton Canyon/Colorado Trail

Distance - 16.11 miles
Time - 1.52.18
Max speed - 23mph

Today was quite a long ride at 16.11 miles. It was great for working on endurance and fat loss but my butt is not very happy. Water was the same with quite a few people enjoying the beautiful day. Six miles to the big dam and my legs were really starting to ache. But once I got there I just couldn't talk myself out of exploring a small amount of the Colorado Trail. So off I went. I stopped at the top of a grueling .25 mile hill to check out a map and it turns out there is a loop that comes out at the top of Waterton. So, I went up the rest of the grueling .5 mile jeep road when it turned into beautiful singletrack. I couldn't believe I had never done this before. I continued up for 2 miles and then decided I was too hungry and tired to finish the 5-mile loop so I turned around and raced down at a max speed of 23 mph! It was very windy so going down Wateron was really not that easy. I finishe dwith 16.11 miles in 1 hour 52 minutes 18 seconds! It was a very fulfilling day.

All I can say to this is.... CUTE! lol "Grueling!" lol Actually that is quite a difficult little hill. Very short but very steep! And that I was too hungry to finish 5 extra miles. (= That's just cute. And I would say that 23 mph at that time for me was pretty damn good! Guess my quest for speed was just natural! (= It's fun for me to read these old entries!

Friday, April 16, 1993

Matthews - Winters Park

Distance - 26 miles

I went by myself this time. The conditions were much more favorable. I only did the first part to where you overlook Red Rocks. It was about 4.3 miles and I think it took about 1 1/2 hours. I spent a lot of time practicing finding a line and trying to go fast. On the way back 2 guys caught up to me so I let them pass but then we kept playing catch up back and forth. I lost my first bike part - a front pedal reflector - going over an irrigation log. I saved it though. It wasn't a very taxing ride but it was good technical practice. On the final descent I was trying to jump and I finally got the front up about 2 inches and the back up about 1 inch. Hey you gotta start somewhere.

What a dork! I save everything! I probably still have that stupid pedal reflector somewhere!