Sunday, September 02, 2007

Cannon City Loop

Distance - 32.94
Time - 2.25.04
Max speed - 31.0 mph
Avg speed - 13.6 mph

This route seems to get easier with time. Could be that it wasn't 100 degrees out and I'm in slightly better shape than earlier in the season. Basically the same routine as before. Except that after I left Nerdstrand and got to the next stop sign, I headed left toward Dennison on 42 and the took another left on, crap I can't remember the road right now, toward Northfield. But what was interesting was all of a sudden I realized where I was. When Lorrie and I rode to Cannon Falls, we came down that road and took a left into Dennison. So, all of a sudden I have in my head the picture of a route loop, which connects a couple different routes. That's how I'll get familiar with the country roads I suppose. I always feel a little lost when I'm out there in the fields. So it was nice to feel like I knew where I was. (= Nothing significant.... just a good ride!