Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend at Petaluma KOA

November 21-24, 2012

We decided to spend Thanksgiving at Petaluma KOA this year in a cabin. They host a Thanksgiving dinner in which they provide the turkey and mashed potatoes while everyone else brings something to pass. It seemed like a nice opportunity to spend the holiday with people since we couldn't be with our families.

The RV area was quite crowded during the weekend. There didn't seem to be as many people in cabins though, which we liked. We walked into the cabin and immediately realized that there wasn't a heater in the cabin. That wouldn't usually be an issue except this time we brought our summer sleeping bags and less coverage for Blue. Eventually we found what we thought was the heater. Though it looked SO strange and was higher up on the ceiling. After a few seconds, we looked at each other and laughed because we realized there was a small flat screen television hanging above the door. Whoa! We have never stayed in a camping cabin with a television before! lol But that meant there really was no heater. Bozo called the office and asked that they bring us some kind of heater and they did end up bringing up a radiant heater with instructions not to have it plugged in while the television is on. AH! So that's why no heaters.

We spent a lot of the weekend lounging in the cabin. Thursday evening we took our bean salad to the main shelter and shared a meal with many families. In particular, we sat with a couple who is temporarily living at the KOA. Levonne has her own blog on that lifestyle as well. Her husband John works in or near Petaluma and they have a dog with them as well.

Petaluma is a city we have driven through a few times on our way to other places and have said that we wanted to check it out. On Friday we went downtown, got some food, put Blue in Cacciatore's stroller then walked around. I think we were both drained because as we were walking around, we certainly weren't as adventurous as we usually are. I haven't had much of a vacation since I started my new job so having 4 days to veg was a big deal. We stopped for BBQ at  Lombardi's BBQ on our way back to the cabin. Then went back to vegging.

Blue enjoyed sitting outside on the porch. The KOA is quite dog friendly so that made things much more enjoyable. Each cabin has a fire pit, picnic table, and grill. The cabins are a little close together so if they were all full, it might have been a somewhat different experience. The parking in front of the cabins was also too small. The back end of our vehicle stuck out. However, overall it was a very good experience.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Casini Ranch II and Goat Rock

Such a short trip only needs one blog post. This covers both Day 1 and Day 2.

Back to Casini Ranch for the weekend. We were planning a camping trip with D&D and trying to get to a slightly more remote location. But Bozo and I were a little worried about taking Blue someplace too far away from a vet. So we compromised and settled on Casini Ranch since it's right on the river and near a town with a vet. D&D have an inflatable kayak that they wanted to try out so that worked for them too.

We met there Saturday afternoon. D&D and I walked along the river a little and then we all hung out at our campsite until after dark enjoying a pretty big fire and some great company. Blue was an awesome little trooper. Of course when it's time for bed she let's everyone know. It got a little cold so we put her in the tent and wrapped her up in her sleeping bag. She was asleep pretty quickly. But a little while later, a little bark came from the tent. Lorrie left the warm fireside and went to investigate only to find Blue still completely wrapped up but reminding up with her little barks that it was bedtime! lol

It was Daylight Savings Time so we lost an hour by springing forward. That'll be worth it with the later sunsets though!

On Sunday, D&D pulled out there inflatable kayak and came by to pick one of us up.... it only holds 3. I was more than happy to let Bozo have the opportunity. I'm still not a big fan of water. Add an easily deflated piece of rubber and I'm even less interested. I'm sure the boat was sea-worthy but someone had to stay with Blue anyway and that sounded like good fun too.

After checking out of the campground, we headed to Goat Rock Beach to wander a little. It was beautiful! There were many signs explaining how dangerous the waves were and to stay well away from the water's edge. We learned later how serious those instructions were when we found out that 2 people has died nearer to San Francisco from one of these "sneaker waves" when one went after their dog that got caught in them and then the other went in after the first person. The dog got out on his own but the people died. Scary stuff!

No dogs were allowed on the beach so after a bit of walking Bozo and I made our way back to D'Azul and headed home. D&D were going to do some more exploring so we said our goodbyes.

It was a good first brief camping trip with new friends. I think we were pretty compatible and definitely all very easy-going. And they totally get our protectiveness of Miss Blue. We'll definitely take another trip with them!