Sunday, August 18, 2013

Casini Ranch - DD-l - Day 3

Bozo got up early to take Satoko kayaking with Rachel and Natacha. There were out for awhile along the Russian River and it sounded like they had a good time and that Satoko did well paddling for the first time. I got to have some alone time to read and tend the fire. I made eggs over the fire, which were awesome. I'm getting better and better at making those! Then others started getting up and bringing their breakfast foods to our campsite. The peach cobbler from last night seemed to be the favorite breakfast item. lol

After breakfast, Bozo took me kayaking on the river. We thought the current was going the "wrong" way. Turns out there was a strong enough head wind to make the current nearly moot. We went in a couple circles trying to figure it out. ha! But we're new to kayaking and neither of us have been in an inflatable kayak so we get some slack. After we got the kayak back on shore, I went for a little swim. The water was like a bathtub where I was already wet. Then took my breath away as I dipped in deeper. Eventually it was all just warm and refreshing.

We spent a little more time at the campsite then Bozo took the bike to ask for our late check out. Turns out we needed to leave the campsite but we could stay in the park on the beach. Pressure packing is not the best way to end a camping trip. But we all got everything packed up. Bozo and Natacha went to get the kayaks to paddle them to the beach. I ran along the shore to find them in case they beached and needed a pull. Once they got the kayaks back to the beach, Natacha took Margaret-Rose for a paddle while Bozo and I packed up the other kayak. Heather went for a swim, a real swim like with laps. I went for a swim, a fake swim like playing around in the water just to cool off. Then we folded up the second kayak and off we went toward home.

A quick stop at Bubba's BBQ for a quick chicken BBQ sandwich and then home through just a little traffic and no median fires.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Casini Ranch - DD-l - Day 2

We all got up pretty slowly this morning. The night had not been as cold as we expected. But there was that one lone snorer who seems to follow me wherever I camp. Otherwise, it was a pretty good sleep. Bozo started a fire. I made eggs in a paper bag over the fire while Lorrie and Satoko had cereal. Rachel and Natacha showed up late morning and we made plans to visit the ocean. Early afternoon Margaret-Rose showed up with Kai and decided to stay at the campsite to relax while we headed toward Goat Rock to see baby seals and face the sand throwing wind. By the time we got back Susie and Heather had arrived and were getting setting up.

Soon, of course, food started becoming the focus. Saturday night camping is potluck night. We brought 2 kinds of chicken brats, veggie brats, and some veggies to cook in the fire. There were also potatoes cooked in the fire, many different salads, some turkey burgers, corn on the cob cooked in the fire, avocados, random chips, and I'm sure some other items that I'm forgetting. Susie made peach cobbler and gluten free peach cobbler for Natacha's birthday. SO good!!

The evening was spent around the fire chatting. Although there was a point when it started getting dark that Satoko had gone for a walk and not returned yet. Bozo and I weren't too worried until others started talking about their experiences getting lost in campgrounds. Bozo went out on the bike to search then came back without her. So I took off on the bike, Bozo walked, and all but Margaret-Rose went out to look for her. I wasn't sure who found her but she said she wasn't lost so we had worried for nothing.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Casini Ranch - DD-l - Day 1

Bozo, Satoko, and I were on the road by about 3pm today. Along the way, along the interstate, there was a brush fire right next to traffic. Scary! Things went pretty well most of the way but traffic got horrible at Hwy 37 and then again along the 101. After about an hour longer than expected we made it to Casini Ranch. Another line up... to get in this time. Finally to the campsite, we got both tents set up and at some dinner. I thought Rachel and Natacha might show up tonight but we eventually got a text that they would be here tomorrow morning. So we sat by the fire and relaxed.

We gave Satoko the option of sleeping in our big tent or having her own smaller tent. She opted for the privacy. So we gave a walkie talkie, showed her how to use it, and off she went.