Monday, March 03, 2008

Summer Charity Bike Rides

I just registered for the Minnesota Red Ribbon Ride. There's always a short time after I register for these rides in which I wonder what I am thinking. Why am I putting myself through this! And isn't there something *better* I could do with my time in July?? So far the answers have always been the same. I'm putting myself through this because it makes a difference to lots of people. And no, there really isn't anything better than riding my bike around the state raising money for charity during the month of July. I'm going to be hot anyway, I may as well make some good of it. (=

I'm doing something different this year though. More! In 2006 I rode from San Francisco to Los Angeles for the AIDS/Life Cycle Ride. In 2007 I rode around Northwestern Minnesota for the MS TRAM. This year I am planning on riding the Red Ribbon Ride July 17-20 and the MS TRAM July 20-25. Nine days of riding for two organizations whose issues mean a lot to me!

For the Red Ribbon Ride I am required to raise $1500. For the MS TRAM I am required to raise $300. With your help, I can definitely do it. I don't have my MS TRAM page yet. But to donate to my Red Ribbon campaign, click Jennifer's Red Ribbon Page to get to my donation page. I'll let you know when I'm up on the MS TRAM site!

Thanks for your support, financial and otherwise!! Guess I should get started on my training! (=