Sunday, April 28, 2013

Slow Tug Sail

We were invited by friends to sail with them. Well... they would sail and then pull us in their inflatable boat. I'm not sure I've been clear about my discomfort with water so maybe I'll make it clear now. I'm very uncomfortable in water. And to be out of control on water seems even worse! Even though when I've been in control, it's not always turned out great! You might remember my Dump in the Boundary Waters!

We met our friends in Suisun City where they had their little tea cup sail boat docked. We had some lunch at Athenian Grill then headed out to the water... after blowing up the inflatable boat. It's been very windy in NorCal recently. Very! But there was almost no wind as we started out on our adventure. So not only could the little sailboat not move but towing us made it even more unlikely. So we tacked a lot and paddled a bit until we got past the wind blocks (I don't remember the formal name for them! lol) and then we picked up a little speed.

We stopped for a break at the public dock and also spent some time checking out the Suisun Wildlife Rescue Center where they are rehabilitating many different kinds of birds, a one-eyed coyote, and a raccoon. Some of them are too injured to be returned to the wild so they are used in education programs all around the area.

Back into the water and the wind picked up. That was nice as we didn't have to paddle as much and could just enjoy the ride. The sky was so clear that the sun was just beating down on us! Lots of sunscreen! We got to another wind block made of trees, which was where our friend had said we would turn around. So we did and with the wind behind us, it was much faster for a little while. Back in the marina, lots of blocks again so more tacking. We still didn't really have to paddle so it was pretty relaxing. I told Bozo later that I had thought about taking a nap. Turns out she had too! lol

We were asked twice during the trip if we needed some help. I'm sure it looked a little funny for a tiny sail boat to be towing an inflatable boat. lol It was very nice of those people to ask!

Afterwards, we got all our stuff and the inflatable boat out of the water. Then our friend said he wanted to try to lift his little sailboat out that way instead of sailing it home. While his wife and I took the stuff to the cars, he and Bozo ended up lifting the boat out of the water on their own and got it apart enough that it could be carried up to the plaza area. After all was put away, our friend walked the 7-minute walk home pulling his little sailboat. Like a boy and his dog... but not.

Data from my Spot one-way GPS:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coloma Resort with the Trailerettes

It's funny for us to camp at a "resort." But we were with the Trailerettes and, of course, they are in trailers. So that's where they go. We'll get our vintage trailer soon enough and then it will make a little more sense. As it was, we got to Coloma Resort on Saturday late morning. The resort is across a single lane historic bridge that takes you away from the main road and also Marshall Gold Discovery State Historical Park, which has a working frontier village and some historical buildings that are not in working order. After we got settled we walked back across the bridge to the village and had a nice time walking around seeing people in the clothing of the time and doing the work of the time.

The people at Coloma were very friendly! They check you in then lead you to your site in their golf cart... also carrying wood in our case. We had a choice between two sites... each had water and electricity. Perfect for our little tent! lol The sites were not actually that great and I'm not sure we would recommend tent camping here unless you're on the grassy tent space near the river. We didn't know about those so didn't think to reserve them. Besides, the sprinklers were all on so maybe they weren't available! heheh Anyway, apparently this year we were this years Trailerette Trolls since we were basically under the bridge. Angela had that distinction last year and learned her lesson to ask for a site along the river among the Trailerettes. We did go back and ask about switching to a couple of available sites closer to our group and they wouldn't let us do that. We found out later that they had let a couple other people move closer so I guess they really needed a couple of Trolls. hmmph!

We had missed out on the Friday night happy hour and also the morning coffee in pajamas. Saturday night was the potluck with SO much good food and SO many cute dogs running around begging. We started getting to know a few more people and actually remembering a few from the Halloween trip last year. Bozo remembered people by their costumes and people remembered her as the Stick Man. lol That evening was the theme song competition. All of the entries were so good we decided not to vote and to develop a song book instead. I am going to go there... that is so typical of a group of women! lol And I like it!

We tried to get creative with some "Fancy S'mores" so I soaked them in Cognac then we had dark chocolate and shortbread cookies. Well apparently I got too into the Cognac so the marshmallows all stuck together and then when I tried to put them on the stick they just melted right off. SO... I learned that you should really just set the marshmallows in the cognac for a couple minutes then roast the rigt away. We did enjoy the shortbread cookies though! lol

Everyone went to bed pretty early so we headed back to our site as well. Some reading in the tent and then to sleep. Of course there had to be THAT ONE GUY who doesn't have an inside or "everyone else is the park is sleeping, maybe I should keep it down" voice. If you are THAT ONE GUY... practice talking quietly before you go camping. It really is very annoying and people send you really horrible wishes. Okay, maybe that's just me. Funny thing was that I couldn't tell who he was talking to because it was just him. So maybe it was the voices in his head talking back and I should have more compassion! Okay... moving on!

The morning excited started with me experimenting with cooking an egg in a paper sack. The sack was too small but it was what we had the Cognac in so it's what I used. It was supposed to be a traditional lunch sack. This is what it was supposed to look like. Didn't quite turn out that way and I lost the egg and bag to the fire. I'll try again with the appropriate equipment. The video shows it with bacon but we don't eat pork so it'll just be eggs. I wonder if that causes any problems!? We'll just have to see.

Eventually we made our way back over to the Trailerettes. Some of them were already taking off but others were still hanging around playing White Elephant. They had extra gifts so Bozo and I each had a go. She got a horseshoe wall hook and I got a hodgepodge of stuff including a sheer 50s style apron, 2 tin decorative plates from Colorado and Disney World, and maybe something else that neither of us can remember.

After a little while, we headed back to our site and got things packed up before heading out through the back roads. We ended up in El Dorado eating at Poor Red's BBQ. The basic rule, if I haven't told you before, is that when you can't find parking because of all the motorcycles, it is some good food! After that, we headed home via Hwy 49, Hwy 16, and then on to I-80 the rest of the way. Safe and sound!

Over the weekend, one Trailerette had an accident on the way to the campout where she lost control of the trailer and car, the trailer flipped and split in half while the car hit a guardrail. The driver wasn't hurt at all. Then after the weekend, another Trailerette's trailer came unhitched and passed her on the road. It came to a stop along the shoulder so no damage was done. But those were some scary stories and reminders to make sure we get everything checked out once we do buy our own trailer!