Monday, February 08, 1993

Hayden Park - Green Mountain Trail

Distance - 7 miles

Our 5th anniversary ride. The area was mostly rolling hills though very steep. We ended up going only about 1/2 mile up and 1/2 mile down. Kahn was having chain trouble and I was beat from being up all night. So, though we got very tired we were actually quite lazy. This is definitely a trail to try again once we get in better shape.

Wow! I can't believe what bad shape I was in back then! I also didn't have the technology in my bike that I did later. But still, I was young. I should have been able to power up that hill! I do remember that hill too. I rode it many years later with a better bike and better legs! It wasn't nearly as difficult for me. The statement about me being up all night was about a job I had at a residential treatment facility in which I did overnights Sunday through Wednesday nights. I didn't usually sleep on Thursdays so that I could have a "regular" weekend. It was quite silly of me to think I could mountain bike that evening! lol But, I was trying to be the good straight girlfriend! ha!