Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Musketawa Trail

Distance - 15.67
Time - 1.05.58
Max speed - 20 mph

I like this trail a lot! It goes from near Allendale all the way to Muskegon. I didn't go quite that far today but I will. There were a lot of rollerbladers and walkers on this trail, which made it slightly precarious. In the winter, they maintain half the trail for cross-country skiers and the other half for snowmobiles. I'm not sure I want to see how that works out! (= This was one of those times where I realized how much time I spend around corn field since I moved from Colorado! lol Crazy!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Reed's Lake

Distance - 20.22 mph
Time - 1.31.04
Max speed - 34 mph
Odometer - 516.1

I rode from GVSU through Eastown and on toward Reeds Lake. I wanted to hit 20 miles so I had to circle the lake a couple times. Gail was going to meet me at Starbucks on Wealthy so I didn't have to ride home too. So afterwards we sat and had coffee while I was in my cycling garb! lol It was a good ride but too much traffic. Going to Lake Michigan in that direction just takes me into the city with more cars and such. On the other side of downtown I tried to use more side roads but those weren't in great condition so I was bumping along painfully. I probably wouldn't do this particular route again. But I wanted to get out and ride so it was a good way to do it and not have to retrace my steps.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ride of Silence

Distance - 15.3 miles
Time - 1.33.03
Max speed - 24 mph

We rode out from Riverside Park and were silent the whole time. I would say there were probably 30-40 people on the ride. It was a memorial to those who have been hurt and killed while cycling. A lot of people stood and watched us go by Many didn't know what to do or say since we were so quiet. We rode downtown and around the park by the zoo and then back in a zigzag manner. It felt good to do the ride and I think the silence had a huge impact on people. Though I dare say they didn't understand what we were doing so I'm not sure about the clarity of the impact. There was a news article the next day so maybe that answered some questions.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Lake Michigan Drive - West

Distance - 25.12 miles
Time - 1.39.21
Max speed - 24.5

I rode from Grand Valley State toward Lake Michigan. I have done this ride several times before but don't seem to have kept track of the information. The main thing about this ride is how the wind can blow west and east at the same time!