Monday, September 28, 2009

Review - Freezer Bag Cooking

Freezer Bag Cooking – Review

Author: Sarah Svien Kirkconnell
Softcover; 90 pages
Bay Street Publishing; copyright 2005

Great dishes for backpacking, camping, and even easy at-home preparation. I found that several called for what seemed like too much water and ended up being runny. But for the most part the recipes seem pretty accurate. Particular favorites of ours are CyndiH’s super oatmeal, fruity morning couscous, ramen stroganoff (with dehydrated noodles rather than ramen), creamy spinach chicken rice, clam chowder, mocha au lait, and tiny peach pies.

Another problem I’ve experienced is difficulty finding pouches of chicken. So I have generally used pouches of tuna, which is not my favorite. Also, some of the other ingredients are pretty specialized. If you don’t have access to a co-op or other extensive specialty store, it may be difficult to complete a lot of the recipes. My final issue with freezer bag cooking in general is the use of so many plastic freezer bags. I threw so many of them away on a 7-day backpacking and camping trip that I felt really guilty about the environment. It would be great if there was a more environmentally conscientious way of using the recipes!