Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rancho Cordova to Fair Oaks - Training Ride 5 (sortof)

Distance = 13.2mph
Time = 1.15.19
Avg Speed = 10.5
Max Speed = 21.5 (I have no idea where I would have gone that fast!)

I am in study mode so there isn't much time consuming training happening right now. We met up with Natacha and Rachel to get a little ride in with the goal of having lunch in Fair Oaks at Sunflower Drive-In and Restaurant. We met up at River Bend Park, which used to be called CM Goethe Park but was changed because of Goethe's alleged Nazi history. We rode about 6 miles east on the American River Bike Trail toward Fair Oaks where we had to ride around a little to find the Sunflower Drive-In. I had only been there once before on a training ride and was following the entire way. Fortunately it's a small enough village that we found it pretty quickly. I thought this would be a great place to take N & R because Rachel is vegetarian and they have never had the Nut Burger at Sunflower. Plus, the roaming chickens are very cute to see! After lunch and some good conversation, we headed back to the cars. It took us a little while to find the trail again after having gotten ourselves confused in looking for the restaurant. I was voted to go up and down the hills to check if we were going the right direction so no one else would have to climb as much. That was the extent of my "training" for the day!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Winter to Dam Cardiac - Training Ride 4

Distance - 26.88
Time - 2.19.05
Average Speed - 11.5mph
Max Speed - 33.5mph

I just needed to get a ride in and wanted to climb. I didn't trust my mind to be totally present for too long because of my thoughts of Tori. So I got a ride to Winters then took the short way out to Hwy 128 where I climbed up to Monticello Dam and then Cardiac. It was a little later in the day than I prefer so there were more cars out than I usually experience. Most were fine. Though a few were very fast and I imagine them being surprised by seeing me there.... even though this is a very popular cycling route. But the rudest person was a motorcyclist. That surprised me the most. He had the big wide handlebars that felt WAY too close when they passed. Which is funny because what did he think would happen to himself if he caught with me with those handlebars?? I know! I know! Front wheel flips to the right and his unhelmeted unretrained large body flies at about 60mph into the falling rock wall next to us. Sounds fun... and well worth the risk! Whatever. I'm definitely grumpy!

Here's some information about the route. Though it looks like my gps didn't catch the end of the ride for some reason. Basically just an out and back.