Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Random Hwys 20 & 22

May 29, 2007

Distance = 10.45
Time = 48.05
Average speed = 13 mph
Max speed = 29.5

It's been several weeks since I've been on my bike. I figured, even though it was getting a little late, I should at least peddle somewhere. So I went. I found a really nice road with some good hills to just warm up on. From my house, I just went to Division and turned right (away from town) then took Hwy 20, which is a slight angle off Division. Then I turned left onto Hwy. 22, which is also called Cannon City Rd. or something like that. I can tell that it could be a good longer ride. But not tonight. Tonight was only 10ish miles and that was fine. I did see a county park that looked like some potentially good hiking. Would be good to mention to Lorrie since she likes that kind of thing.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Partial Webster Loop

Partial Webster Loop with Northfield Bike Club
Distance = 26.05
Time = 1.55.02
Max = 25.5 mph
Avg = 13.5 mph

I'm not sure why I chose today to ride with the Northfield Cycling Club! It's freezing cold... in the 30s maybe and windy as hell! So it was me and 7 guys who race. lol They dropped me immediately so I just tooled along at my own pace trying not to be blown off the road. One of the guys had given me directions so I felt pretty comfortable. Besides, I had my phone! lol I looked up at one point and saw a bunch of them coming toward me. I figured they'd had a mechanical or something. But they were coming back for me. Embarrassing!! So they basically surrounded me to protect me from the wind and we rode that way for about 25 miles. I cannot tell you how strong that wind felt. The wind in California was strong but there is something about a frozen wind that takes it out of you and feels thicker. We decided the air molecules band together more when it's cold. All I know is my face was pretty frozen and I thanked God every moment for my shoe covers! The first part was into the wind but then we got to ride some with the wind. That was very nice! I could actually keep up and even went a little faster than some of them on the downhill. I kept wondering why I chose this day to ride with them. I guess I figured they'd take it easy when it was so windy. But I should have realized that only the hardcore riders come out in this weather. Oh well. It ended up being a great experience with really nice guys. We ended at Blue Monday for some warm coffee. THEN, I had to get back on my bike and ride home. I was already getting stiff and did not want to be cold again. I hate to admit that I was whooped after that one and had to sleep a few hours. A shower would have been better to warm me and wake me up. But I just wanted to lay down!