Sunday, October 21, 2012

Casini Ranch Camping - Day 3

We went to sleep without finding the keys. And, of course, Blue had a bit more difficult night. If we'd been able to get in the car, we could have gotten more food or possibly just let her sleep in there. This morning we were up early... anxious about the keys. We both went looking again. Nothing. Bozo headed up to the office when they opened at 8am. I began pulling everything we'd gone through about 4 times by then out of the tent. I went to put Bozo's sleeping pad out and there were the keys... under her pillow! lol What a relief.

So I opened up D'Azul's gate so Bozo would see it when she came around the corner. I asked one of the golf cart attendants to radio to the office to let them know I found them and that Bozo could return. She eventually did return and anyone could tell by how she was walking that she was dejected. And then she stopped and I could see her processing the open gate. Then... a big smile. She felt relief too! So she showed up with 2 grocery store coffees and an emergency box of Milk Bones for Blue. Aww! Those would have turned that dog's insides out I'm sure!

With out relief, we began visiting with the rest of the Trailerettes, some of whom were packing up and getting ready to head out. Eventually we started getting things ready to go. I'm not sure if it took us longer with our tent or them longer with all their decorations to pack up! lol

The drive home was very easy! We overrode Paddam and took our own way, which ended up being better than hers by a long shot. So much for electronics being smarter than us! We stopped at an Italian restaurant along the way that Bozo has wanted to stop at each time we've passed. Yummy fisn 'n' Chips!! (I'll find the name of the place later. I can't remember right now.)

A nice weekend of camping with an awesome bunch of women in the coolest camping trailers you will ever see!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Casini Ranch Camping - Day 2

Again... the one loud group. What is with that?? If you are a guy (or a woman with a really low voice) please know that your voice carries. So when it's 1am in a campground with very little in the way of barriers and NO ONE else is making any noise, the people around you WILL hear everything. Whisper! And if you don't know how to whisper... ask someone to help you learn. It's really not that hard. It was so frustrating and my ears hurt after wearing ear plugs or ear buds so I hate doing that. This is how I woke up... grumpy! lol At some point I did put in ear buds and listened to the Relaxation playlist on my iPod. The funniest part was that much of it is water sounds.... and I was on a river unable to hear the natural water sounds.

In the morning we sat next to the river watching all the birds and the sea lions frolicking in and around the water. Blue herons, all different types of duck, egrets, and some black bird that Bozo was thrilled to see.

Because we were camping with a group, we hadn't really thought about what we'd want to do for the day. Being new, we figured we'd choose one of the groups activities and just do that so that we'd get to know people. Turns out they are all independent campers in the same campground. Ha! So after breakfast of eggs with veggie sausage and some yogurt we took off to Duncan Mills, the little village nearest the campground. Very cute little shops and restaurants. Then we drove on toward Monte Rio, Vacation Beach (who wouldn't want to live there??), and Guerneville. All very cute and a little touristy. Beautiful redwoods along the way too.

Back at camp for some reading and relaxing before the Harvest Moon/Halloween party. A good game of Farkle is a great way to relax! Our costume required darkness so we went over for the potluck first and then when it got dark, went back to get dressed. Time was an issue, so we just did Bozo's costume... a stick man. It was awesome! I scotch-taped the glow sticks to her and they stayed just fine. As we were walking back to Chief Trailerette's campsite, I was laughing my butt off because it looked so cool. But Bozo didn't trust me until the entire group of about 25 women started oohing and ahhing at her approach. It was classic and she was the hit of the party!

Afterwards, we I lost the keys! That is a nightmare anyway but it's definitely a nightmare when camping and that is the only set you have with you. AND you have an old dog who needs food all the time and her medications. After looking everyplace twice we had been that evening since I last saw them, included the garbage and recycling, we decided to just go to bed and see what we could do in the morning. We knew they were in the campground someplace and were hoping an honest camper would turn them in. Why would anyone keep them anyway??

Friday, October 19, 2012

Casini Ranch Camping - Day 1

I wasn't able to take the entire day off today but I was able to leave a little early so that we could get on the road to avoid putting up the tent in the dark. Paddam, our GPS, has some interesting methods for getting us places at times. We have figured out her weaknesses when heading up toward Bodega Bay and have learned ways to trick her. The drive was pretty uneventful... aside from a major 3-car accident that held up traffic for a little while and then precipitation from fog. Apparently this is different than drizzling rain. The nuances of liquid in various parts of the country! Oh... and fog holds in the heat. So the temperatures stayed pretty warm throughout the evening. Another learning experience for me.

We arrived at Casini Ranch by about 7:15pm. It was dusk so we had to put up the tent quickly to avoid the dark. It didn't happen. The dark came quickly. So here's the scene... this is an RV park mainly and that's who they cater to. We had chosen one of the non-electric sites next to the river... hoping for small crowds and beautiful views. Since it was dark, we couldn't tell about the latter but the crowd was pretty small. The ground was also VERY hard! lol I never even thought about that prospect since we usually park in places that cater to tents.

The reason we stayed at an RV heavy place was the group with whom we were camping... The Trailerettes. They are a Northern California group of women who own or would like to own small vintage camping trailers. You should see how creative these women have gotten with their trailers! And you can... at the any rallies we learned about over the weekend. I grew up around car and motorcycle rallies. Who knew they had them for vintage campers!??

We went over to say hi to the women that were gathered at the Chief Trailerette's (heheh) campsite... hors d'oeuvres and all! We didn't stay long as it was getting a little late and Blue was stuck in the car waiting impatiently for us sleeping. So we jumped into the Queendom and read before hitting the sack.