Monday, March 22, 1993

Bergen Park II / Elk Meadow

Distance - 22 miles

This time I had problems. I was having a hard time breathing and the gears on my bike kept shifting spontaneously. It was quite snowy so we had to walk every once in awhile. That made Kahn upset and he threw a couple tantrums (along with his bike.)

Friday, March 05, 1993

Bergen Park I / Elk Meadow

Distance = 15 miles

We rode very slowly. Kahn appeared to have altitude sickness or something similar and it wasn't very enjoyable. It was also very cold. So on the last stretch I kept going because my fingers and toes were numb. Kahn passed out and I didn't even know. We both made it back though.

LOL I'm real supportive eh? I have to say that he was usually ahead of me and never waited. So I didn't feel bad about that part. Maybe I should have! lol I did go back to help him. I wish I knew how cold it was that day. It seems to me that I was much more of a wuss in my 20s than I am now! (=