Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thankscamping in Sonoma - Day 3

Day 3 - time to go home. Everything was wet when we got up. So we took our time hoping that things would dry out. But they didn't really so we'd have to hang it all up at home to let it dry thoroughly.

Not too exciting... but just another day to relax. This is my first time having more than a 3-day weekend so I needed to recover from the quarter. And then I still worked! lol But it as worth it! I think we all needed the fresh air.

We got home while it was still light out. AND... another day off tomorrow. THAT is awesome!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankscamping in Sonoma - Day 2

It was cold! But we slept great! We used an air mattress then had our Therm-a-rests on top of it. So it kept the ground chill away. The dogs slept pretty well too! We definitely go to great lengths to keep them warm.

The day was spent lounging. I brought my running gear. But didn't run. The students across from us went mountain biking. That made me jealous! We did take the dogs for a walk using Blue's new stroller. I'm sure that doesn't look weird... 2 dogs, 2 strollers!

I actually did some work. We are selecting interns for next year so I had applications to read. Not the most fun thing to do but what a great environment for it. Most of the stuff on my lap and the side stuff on a cooler! lol What a great office! Lorrie was able to read and relax. It was nice... in the best way, nice!

The evening brought organic Mac-n-Cheese! Yumm! This is the only time we eat that stuff! And we just kept relaxing. The students were less drunk and therefore quieter. That made me happy. I also went over to the bathroom, which was by our original site and found there were a couple large very loud groups over there. SO glad we moved!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankscamping in Sonoma - Day 1

After a long arduous move and finally getting somewhat settled in our new home, it was time to go camping. It was PAST time to go camping! So we chose Thanksgiving. We got up and made our Thanksgiving meal at home... roasted chicken with stuffing, canned cranberry sauce, black olives of course, and pumpkin cake.

We had planned to make the chicken or turkey in the ground using coals then decided that might attract animals. So we opted to just make it all at home and do our best to keep it warm while we traveled.

We chose a campground in Sonoma County. Being our first time out since moving to California, we decided to keep it relatively close to civilization. Also, with the dogs getting up there in years, we wanted to be safe with them as well.

So off we went... in the rain, optimistic that it would clear away for us. It did. But it gets dark so early nowadays that it was already dusk by the time we got to our reserved site. Also at our reserved site was an RV neighbor with a television set outside and they were watching football. So we moved! Not our idea of "camping!"

After we moved and started getting set up, the ranger came around and asked where we are from. When we told him, he said the people across from us were students there. lol Well, better than a television I guess! But it would have been nice to totally get away from work. Then as we were preparing the tent, I saw lights coming toward us with the sounds of a language other than English. Because it was dark when we got to the site, we didn't really know what was behind us. But apparently this family of about 7 or 8 had gotten off a path nearby, which we later learned in the light was an actual road. They scared us at first but then, since we don't speak what I think was Japanese, we just pointed them in the right direction toward the road that we came in on.

Since this was our first time out in too long, things weren't as easy to find as usual. So I had to use the headlights to help us get the tent up. Ha... you guessed it! The battery died! But we got it set up and were ready for our wonderful Thankscamping Dinner!

As usual, we spent the rest of the evening by the campfire just beginning to relax. The first day of a 4-day weekend! Very nice! In the quiet of the night was the students' drunken voices. lol That's what we get for trying to stay nearer the beaten path. AND... in California more people are out this time of year than we would ever find in Minnesota! Go figure!