Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Honeymoon - Depoe Bay, OR - Day 2

Today was all about relaxation and recovery. We were asleep by 9:00pm last night and up around 8:30am for breakfast. That felt great! The sound of the ocean outside our room and the total darkness from their window covers… the perfect combination for solid sleep.

We jacuzzied (I'm making it a word!) late in the morning then watched some tv and movies most of the day. We did have to make a little trip to Newport for a couple things I forgot and that apparently they don't have in tiny Depoe Bay.

We grabbed some coffee and did some more relaxing. Then, out of pure relaxation and laziness, Bozo went back to Bonepile BBQ again for chicken and pulled pork. Good… again. I like their cole slaw a lot! We also added potato salad this time, which was good too but not as good as the cole slaw. These were the kind of deep conversations we were having today!

We finished Amazing Race Season 16. Not represented well by "the mean lesbians." I'm also working on finding my scary Halloween movie… Bozo will only watch once each year so I gotta make it good!

Once it was dark we jacuzzied again with bath salts. It's so incredibly relaxing to be outside in the cold on the balcony in a jacuzzi with the ocean sounds all around.

I know this is a boring blog entry but it was definitely the down day that we both needed after the few months that we've had!

The breakfast spread with an up close and personal view of the ocean at the end of the room:

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